GP290 Payroll 6 check

    Guardian Plus Payroll 6 check with fields for current-pay-period and year-to-date records. Prevent creditor mistakes with fields for remittance detail. Add your organization’s logo in black or color at no additional charge. Guardian Plus checks have all the features of Guardian checks plus a holographic foil fused to the check, see a full list of security features below.
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    Size: 8 1/2" x 11"
    Weight: 25#
    Perforated into 3 equal panels
    Security Features on face:
    Foil Hologram
    Padlock Icon
    Invisible Fluorescent Fibers
    Heat Sensitive Icon
    Warning Band
    Visible Fibers
    Toner Adhesion
    UV Dull Paper
    Chemically Reactive Paper
    Void indication
    High Resolution Intricate Border
    2 Color Prismatic Background
    Security Features on back:
    True Watermark
    Backer Warning Box
    Security Weave Pattern
    Chemical Wash Detection Box